Wednesday, January 11, 2006

my clucking beagle...

I just had to retrieve my beagle from the neighbor's back yard. It was the middle of the night and she was on the trail of something that had been lurking in the trees that border between their yard and the field behind the house. We live in the country, so there is plenty of wildlife in the area that she could be tracking.

She'd been missing for two hours, and I went driving the dirt road to find her.

She's just 8 months old and I've only had her a little over a month. I'm paranoid about her running off and getting lost or hit by a car on the paved road that's over a quarter of a mile from my home. When she's older, she'll be more adjusted to this being her home and I can relax some.

Mind you, she's mostly a house or kennel dog, but is allowed to go out unsupervised some at night. She's usually stayed right in the lighted area of the yard or just outside the yard where I can see or hear her.


Anyway, I went driving along hoping to lure her into the car for a ride. I found her circling in the underbrush beneath this tree.

I stopped the car and waded a short distance into the weeds. I called her name softly so as not to wake the neighbor's dogs. She was so intent on her quarry that she totally ignored me. I'm not even sure she realized I was there.

She zigged away from me as she followed the trail away from the tree into deeper brush. Her tail was just whipping back and forth and she was making these sounds... As she sniffed, she was clucking. Yes, clucking. Clucking and yipping. Yipping like something was biting her tail when she got exited about the trail.

It's been unseasonably warm around here, despite being January, and there's a danger of snakes around, so I didn't want to enter the brush any further without a light. I went back to the car and fetched a light.

I was able to follow her quite well as she was not quiet with all the clucking going on. Fortunately, the trail led her back to the area of the tree and after a few minutes of trying to get in the way of the trail, I managed to snag her and slip the leash on her.

Little does she know that she's being put on restriction indefinitely until she forgets where that darn trail is!


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