Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year's Resolutions

Every year, millions of people see the start of a New Year as the chance to make a new start, a chance to better themselves. At least, I suppose their goal is to better themselves. I can't say that I've seen too many lists that show a desire to increase vices.


I think I'm beginning to see a way that New Years Resolutions might actually be met...

er... no.

Better stick with the self improvement ones. Gonna try and keep 'em simple too. Simple and broad.

1. More veggies and less crap. Blah, blah, blah dietcakes. Yes, like (probably) 95% of Americans making these lists, I want to lose some weight, but, more importantly, I want to improve my overall heath. So eat better.

2. Avoid dinosaur stampedes down steep canyons. Seriously.

3. Play more. Ok, this is really the exercise resolution, but I hate to exercise. Maybe if I disguise it as play, it will actually get done.

4. Never accept Turkish Delight from strange ladies in sleighs.

5. Focus on the career. Career, not job. Where I want to be for the long haul, not where I might be short term. Make some realistic goals and work towards them.

6. When my giant ape boyfriend wants to show me the town, suggest Coney Island rather than the Empire State Building.

7. Be Happy.


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