Saturday, January 07, 2006

How do you eat your M&M's?

In the "How Monk-ish Are You?" quiz, one of the questions was:

How do you eat your M&M's?
  • A handful at a time. They taste the same regardless of color, and they're oh so good.

  • The reds first, two by two, then the oranges, two by two, and so on.

  • Leave all the blue ones until the end, but gobble up all the other colors as they come out of the package.

  • Pour the package out onto a plate. Arrange all the M&Ms in rows by color. Eat until there's exactly two of each color left. Then eat them by row, one by one.

I was just relieved that it was assumed that people (other than me) actually had a system for eating their M&M's.

First I find a private spot, away from mockers and people who will mess up my system.

I pour out the bag and sort my M&M's by colour -- not by rows. That's just a little *too* obsessive for me. I just make little clumps shaped sorta like flowers. Ok, I never said I wasn't at all obsessive.

I eat the dark brown ones first. Yes, generally two by two. I let the candy coating melt, until the M&M's collapse under their own weight into a mass of chocolaty goodness. I then eat, in order, the orange ones, then yellow, red, green, and, finally, the blue.

So, how do you eat your M&M's?


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