Monday, January 02, 2006

Lord of the Kings: The Return of the Kong

Kong IS king.

If you've ever doubted that, please go see Peter Jackson's new King Kong film.

I took my father on a "date" to see King Kong yesterday and it was terrific.

It will erase memories of the terrible Disco era disaster, that made Jessica Lange a star, from your mind.

It is generally faithful to the original while expanding on the characters. Where the original has become terribly dated looking due to our becoming accustomed to the advances in special effects made in the last 40 years, this film looks quite a bit more realistic.

Jackson gets it. Kong isn't a monster, he's a misplaced romantic, a tragic hero.

The film is an epic adventure and a romantic tragedy.

As a very good friend said:

You'll laugh.
You'll cry.
You'll smack your dad
upside the head
with a mug of chai.

(Ain't that poetic?)

I don't recommend the smacking with chai thing, though. Just go out and drink some after the movie and deconstruct the film with your friends or family.

Toast the great ape, while you're at it.


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